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My Family

Hi....this is my family.  I know most of you guys usually have gorgeous pictures of yourself or your handsome hubby or cute kiddos.  This is my version.

On the left my handsome parents, Doug & Mary (aka Ken & Barbie)....next my middle son Bryn...followed by my daughter-in-law Sarah and husband Shea (my oldest).  At the far right (yes I skip around) is my beautiful daughter, and fellow blogger (All Kinds of Complicated) Kai.  She's next to her dad (yes she is a Daddy's girl!)

Finally the odd man out, ME.  I hate, hate, hate myself in pictures, but this one is passable. (I'm thinking about hiring a professional model stand-in for my blog)

What about me...hmmm...I'm an unemployed high school teacher....okay, okay, I quit...okay...took an early retirement.  This blog will be my first creative endeavor and I'm really excited.

I graduated with a degree in Architecture and Interior Design from Fresno State University.
I love remodeling, stone work, and creating something out of nothing.  I guess I just like seeing if I can do things.  Now that I have some free time (YAY) I'll be trying lots of things. As my kids can attest to, however, I DON'T COOK.  I think my hubby wishes that had been covered in the pre-nup.....but oh well...

Hope you enjoy my blog.  I would love, love, love to hear from you.  All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Lauren Bird said...

Beautiful photo Becky! What a fantastic family : )

Monica said...

I just love your blog and OMG do you have a beautiful family! I'm going to start following you as we speak!!! Looking to getting to know you better!

frikken DUCKIE said...

Hi, I found your blog through Classic + Glam, I hope you don't mind!

Your blog is amazing and I love your "reinventions"! Following you now and would love it if you'd follow me back too!

♥ Duckie.


Gina Rodriguez said...

You are my Favorite Blogger!

I love everything you do... & your Smart A** Comments Always make me Laugh out loud!

And that is one Beautiful Family!!
Congrats & Success in this new, wonderful, endeavor!

May you be blessed with much Love, joy, peace & success!!!

The Cavallaro's said...

Nothing wrong with a leave of absence from teaching... If I won the lottery, I would be right there with you!

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