A Nascar Birthday Party

Sunday, June 22

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Gentlemen (and Ladies)
... Start Your Engines !

Are you looking for a theme for your next children's party?

This year ... Parker  got to choose the theme for his 3rd Birthday Party.

Your wish is grandma's command !

Decorations are Grandma's specialty.  
*** It's a good way to make sure you get invited ... ssshhh ***
The centerpiece of the party ... 10 custom race cars.

I began with  small moving boxes  ...  for the inside of the cars.

Two sides of the box were cut down a bit with a rounded shape.
Two sides of the box ... the  flaps were left attached ... to shape the front and back of the car.
For the sides of the car ... I made up a  template .
Using  1 large moving box  for each car ... and the template as a guide ...
 2 sides were cut from each large cardboard box.
 The sides were hot-glued onto  the small moving box.
 One box flap was folded & glued UP  ... to form the back of the seat .
The other flap was folded & glued DOWN... to form the front of the car.

I added another small piece of cardboard on ... to finish the front end.
Every race car needs "primer gray" ... right?
Using the Party Theme Colors ... each car received its
top color coat.
 Finally ... the fun part.
Ya gotta add the vroommmmm !
To combine  design and durability ... my first step was to
add  RED DUCT TAPE  here and there.
 Using my  Silhouette Cameo ... and adhesive vinyl  ...
I cut out various letters and numbers to create  different designs.
 The cars really gave a colorful zest to the party.
 Plenty of "P"s for my boy Parker.
"3"s of course ... for his third birthday.

Parker Racing Team.

The kids really loved them.
 Ten cars in all .
Here's  Parker ... the birthday boy himself ... showing off his fleet.
 Sister Olivia was the official "Spokesmodel" for the car show.
Even the adults couldn't resist trying them out for a test drive.
Here's  Uncle Bryn  and  Erynne  joining the race.
 The cars were a big hit with the kids ... and everyone got
to take their car home as a gift.
 But the cars were not the only things to RACE things up.
Again ... using the Silhouette Cameo ... I made
Parker Racing Oil Labels ... and Pennants.  
And of course ... ya need some  RACING FUEL!

Well ... Bibi ... that would be me ... is kind of known for
going over the top.  But being an  Etsy Art Nut ... I love to do it.

And ... well ... that's what grandma's are good for right?

Making her grandkids smile  :)

Happy 3rd Birthday Parker Rhodes !!!

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