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Monday, May 5

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Do you know this man?

Yup ...  Andrew Zimmern  ...  from 
"Bizarre Foods" on the Travel Channel.
Well now ...  Andrew Zimmern  knows me.

Andrew's assistant Esther wanted me to do something special for a
Gift Basket ... promoting Andrew's  new television project.
In truly  "Hollywood-esque"  fashion ... these baskets would go out to
40 of the top magazine editors around the country ...
Every Day with Rachael Ray  ...   Martha Stewart Living
and  ...  yada yada yada.
THIS   is what they wanted .... with a  little twist  ... 
could I also add  Andrew's logo  to the napkin?
Well ... I told them I'd try.
Let me show you how it worked out.
40 white napkins ... taped down.
Each one screen printed ...
EAT  on one end ... and ...   Andrew Zimmern   on the other end.
 I had my doubts ... but his signature came out great !!!
I think Martha and Rachael will like ... what do you think?

Oh ... and of course they wanted me to include my business cards 
BUT ... I had a better idea.
Business cards get lost ... so why not sew my  ETSY SHOP  
address ...  right onto the back of the napkin !

I looked into buying pre-printed ribbon ... too expensive ... and too late.
So I did it myself.

Did you know you can print on ribbon or fabric 
using your own computer printer?

Yup ... it's true.  
The directions for that little project ... so simple ...  are for another post. 

 But needless to
say I printed my complete  ETSY SHOP  address on white ribbon
 ... and sewed it right into the napkins border ...
 The finished project !
Gotta doll it up ... after all ... this is  Hollywood  baby.

I received this email ... soon thereafter...
 Yes ... gotta say I'm really thrilled myself that Andrew Zimmern 
chose my design ... and liked the final result.
Here's the photo they sent me .
Just a sampling of what the special gift basket will look like.
Thanks Andrew ... and thanks Esther.
Let me know if I can come up with anything else .... 
and ...

I'm sure I'll be getting a call from Martha shortly.

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Gina Rodriguez said...

Sooooo Awesome!
You are a Total Artistic, Genius!###

I love All Your Products!

Gina Rodriguez said...

Sooooo Awesome!
You are a Total Artistic, Genius!###

I love All Your Products!

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