Crate Covers ??? Must be January ...

Thursday, January 9

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Wow … did I sleep through December ? ? ?
As if !
November & December … ReinventingOrdinary. etsy. com  … OMG !
My boss  ( such a slave driver …  she's really cute though)  had me working night and day.  
I don't think I slept from … Thanksgiving to Christmas.
Anyhoo … that's a story for another post .
Let me be the first to say …


Okay … okay …  so it's already January 9th.  

How about …    HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR ???
I actually have no idea when that is either … well moving on.


I know that because it's … DOGGY CRATE COVER  TIME !

New REVERSIBLE  Lazybones  Covers are in the SHOP !

The … Dots on Dots Lazybones Cover
The … Dots & Stripes Lazybones Cover
The …  Damask & Stripe Lazybones Cover
These  Lazybones Crate Covers  are brand new … and come in a
variety of colors and prints.  Mix and Match … add a bed … even choose a
fabric to match your own decor.  Go wild … or be conservative … whatever
 your heart or your puppy's heart desires.

Of course … we still have the ever popular 
   Minky Crate Covers.
Minky  is always popular … and even though it is the most expensive
fabric … puppies  LOVE … LOVE … LOVE  it!

Don't know what it is about  JANUARY … but I can always set my "watch" ….
er … "calender" by how many PUPPY CRATES COVERS  we create during
 January and February.

Santa must have been very good!!!
Do you have a puppy you'd love to pamper?

Check out ALL our CRATE COVERS


It's good to be back … sorry it's been so long.

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