Welcome Back Kotter ... er Kai & Nick

Saturday, May 11

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the Swallows are returning to Capistrano ...
the Chickens are coming home to roost ...
(etcetera ... etcetera)

Yes ... I can hardly believe it!
Complicated Kai and her beloved ... Nicholas ...
are leaving  Newport Beach  (sigh...)
and moving in with
"Yours Truly".
(well just for a few weeks...till their place is ready)

Don Corleone made Nick ... 
"an offer he couldn't refuse".
(okay ... please tell me you got the Godfather reference.)
Seriously though ... Nick got a great job offer here ... and ... somewhat reluctantly ...
(and who wouldn't think twice about leaving the beach) ...
they are moving home to  Bakersfield.

I say home ... at least it is home for Kai.  
Nick has yet to savor all that is "Bakersfield" ... including ... our
"sizzling summers".
(temperatures should hit 100on Mothers' Day... yikes)

So Nick & Kai hit town tomorrow.
Happy Mother's Day to me!
As I have been without family here for over 8 years ... 
I am "over the moon" ... to say the least.

I just wanted to make sure they got this "little agenda" so 
the transition from Newport to Bakersfield will be a smooth one.

For my new "roomies" perusal:

Yeah...it'll be an easy transition!
Truly though ... I am so excited my baby is coming home.  I miss my family
so much and it will be soooo nice to have her closer.

I already have everything planned out ...
Mani - Pedis
Twilight Movie Marathon
Dog Walking
S'more Making
Country Line Dancing
Swim Aerobics
Hunger Games Movie Marathon
Too much?

Just kidding guys .  Seriously ... 
Congrats Nick ... and
welcome home Kai!

I love you!

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