Monday Morning Music...Judith Hill & Karina Iglesia

Sunday, April 21

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The Voice

The talented artists on  The Voice  continue to amaze.
Of course my fave ... Judith Hill ... gets better and better.
(You can check her out  HERE)
Last night ... she doubled up with another awesome talent ... Karina Iglesia.

This song ... "This is a Man's World" was originally a  No. 1 Hit
for the legendary ...  James Brown.
"This is a Man's World"
sung by Judith Hill &  Karina Iglesia

This Battle Round pits two teammates against each other ... the winner moving on 
in the competition.  Of course ... the judges can opt to "steal" the loser
in a kind of "second chance".

My gal Judith was the winner ... of course ... but Karina was immediately
picked up by one of the other judges.

As you know ... from my last post ... I LOVE  this show.
No backbiting ... lots of joking around ... and super talent.
Check it out!
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