Fur Baby Friday on Wednesday ...

Tuesday, April 23

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Well this isn't exactly ...   Fur Baby Friday ...
(for those of you that remember Fur Baby Friday) ...
but let's just call it ... long overdue ...
Fur Baby 2 Days Before Friday.
(Lame I know)

Here are my two fur babies ... Blake & Roddick.
 "Smile Squirt.  Mom loves these collars."
"You lookin at me?"
"I am definitely not lookin at you squirt."

Today I'm linking up with Mallory from
"From California to Kansas."
Mallory is having a  Pet Giveway with lots of great goodies being offered ...
including one of my  ...
Pet Feeding Mats.

One Pet Lover that links up over at
will get a Personalized Pet Feeding Mat 
from my very own  Etsy Shop ... Reinventing Ordinary

These mats are really great ... but there are some other pet items as well.
Pet Silhouettes on Canvas
Fleece Blanket Sets

Minky and Fleece Crate Covers

Anyhoo ... welcome all you linkees and I can't wait to
enjoy all your Fur Babies.

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