Turkey Chili Beans ... Amazing

Monday, March 4

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Stop the Presses!
I cooked ... I followed a new recipe ... and it actually turned out!
(Imagine me doing a happy dance ... to Usher of course.)

Now if you know me at all ... which of course ... most of you don't ... or ...
if you've read my blog ... you know I am a
Classic Re-heater ... or perhaps ... Ultimate Drive-Througher.

I hate to cook!
I like to think I have other skills ... (check out my shop here) ... which my husband would probably
gladly forgo ... if I were a domestic goddess in the kitchen.
My thoughts ....
You can't always get what you want!

Anyhoo ... My man Nick ... the saint that takes care of my daughter ...
Complicated Kai ... cooked up this recipe for me on a trip to the O.C.
I love me some chili beans ... so he sent me the recipe.

Turkey Chili Beans
1 Pound Ground Turkey
1 Onion
I Package Taco Seasoning
I can Diced Tomatoes
I Can Tomato Paste
I Can Diced Green Chili
I Can Chicken Broth
1 Can Black Beans (drained)

1)     Chop Onion and Saute til soft in Olive Oil.
 2)     Add Ground Turkey and cook thoroughly.
      3)      Add Taco Seasoning and cook 1 - 2 minutes.    
4)      Add Tomato Paste and Diced Tomatoes. 
     5)     Add Beans ... Diced Green Chilis and Broth.

Bring all ingredients to boil ... then let SIMMER for 20 minutes.

Oh ... and ya gotta have the CORN BREAD.
Marie Callendar has a DIY corn bread  ... but $3.99 ... I don't think so.
I always just use JIFFY ... $.99  and it tastes great.
(I like to add just a little sugar to the batter too.)
So there you have it.
I couldn't believe it was turkey ... but there's a first time for everything.

Now I know you guys all post some amazing recipes out there ... kudos.
I'm just taking a moment to savor the moment.

I cooked ...
 I followed a new recipe ... and it actually turned out!

Me ... a recipe post ... who'd of thunk it!

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