The Voice is back ... Judith Hill amazes!

Tuesday, March 26

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The Voice
 Oh my gosh ... I almost forgot how much I love this show.
I thought it was amazing last year ... but this year ... with the exit of Christina Aguilera and Ceelo ...
and the entrance of  Shakira  and  Usher ... I'm in heaven all over.
Shakira  and  Usher  eased in seamlessly last night on the  Season 4 Premiere.
They fit right in with the good-natured banter and jockeying all the judges ... including ...
Blake Shelton  and  Adam Levine ...
 are known for and it made for such a fun program.
It's that hilarious interaction between all the four judges that makes this show so much more
appealing than American Idol ... which became tiresome with its nastiness.
If you haven't seen this show ... give it a try and let me know if you don't think it's not only filled
with talented performers and humor ... but with positive encouragement and suggestions.

The last performer of the night blew me away!
Judith Hill will be a SUPER STAR.
Remember you heard it here.

She is an amazing performer with an out-of-this-world voice and the stage presence to
excel her to the top of the music industry.
(In my humble opinion)
But ... don't take my opinion ...  Michael Jackson  picked  Hill  to perform with him on his
 This Is It Tour.

 Singing ... I Just Can't Stop Loving You.
Michael Jackson & Judith Hill

Obviously ... his tour never happened ... but this rehearsal shows the talent that
  Michael  saw in Judith Hill.
(MJ doesn't perform with slouches)

Judith Hill 
What a Girl Wants

Last night  Judith Hill  absolutely rocked  the house with her version of this
Aguilera tune.
 Adam Levine  said she performed the song just as good as  Christina.

I thought I was done with these "talent reality shows" until I saw
The Voice.
Every single contestant is talented and the Judges really  make  the show ...
and keep it funny and definitely upbeat.
Another benefit of  The Voice ... is the ability to immediately download any song
 performed on the show from  iTunes.
Let me tell ya ... I downloaded some amazing songs last year and probably
will do the same this year. 
My first download this year ... Judith Hill's  blockbuster last night!

I'll leave you with  Judith Hill's  performance at
Michael Jackson's Memorial.
Judith Hill (lead)
Heal the World

Michael Jackson ... RIP.
Miss you!

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Jessica Jane said...

The Voice is honestly one of my favorite shows. I just can't get enough and completely agree with you about Judith Hill!

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