My Birthday Bash ...

Monday, March 25

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It's My Birthday!
Well ... it was my birthday on  Saturday ... and no ... I'm not admitting my age.
We drove up to Fresno ... my hometown ... for a big  birthday bash.
The decorations were beautiful.
Complicated Kai  (my daughter) ... Nick ( her beau) ... and my other half 
were in attendance.
My  mom  looked beautiful ... the smile was for her grandson  Shea ...
who was so happy to share a rare weekend with his grandparents.
 My oldest ... Shea  and wife  Sarah  flew in for my birthday.
 My party wouldn't be complete without my 2 sweethearts ...
Parker  and  Olivia.  How nice and sweet they look ... at least at the beginning.
Three lovely Mercado women.
 Parker  looked so angelic in his mother's arms.
The wheels were turning though ... freedom ... freedom.
 Alright ... free at last ... hmmmmm ... which way to run?
Off to the races.  Mom you can't keep up in those heels.
Okay  ... we're ready to get busy.
 Isn't that nice my  mom  and  dad  got ushered in.
Wait ... who was this gal in the white?
 Complicated Kai  looked so lovely with her handsome brother ... Bryn.
 Uncle Bryn  snuck a kiss from his favorite girl ... Sweet Olivia.
Yes ... the kiss of a beautiful woman can put a smile on your face.
Parker ... after his two mile walk over the golf course
(rolling around in every sand trap) ... was finally distracted by Uncle Nick.
(Alas ... Parker was always on the move and these quiet moments were far and few between)

Then it was time for some  dancing.
Wait ... there's that girl in white again.

Trust me ... there was some serious dancing that went on ...
including a tremendous ... albeit hilarious rendition of
"Gangnam Style" ...
performed by my son  Bryn  and  Nick ... both of which are normally pretty quiet.
Working on a video of that one.  Definitely a highlight.

Of course the DeeJay had the audience sing  Happy Birthday.
I requested a  Money Dance  afterwards ... but no one shared my enthusiasm for this
 party tradition.
 The little ones were winding down.
Complicated Kai  ... the Queen of getting babies to sleep.
 Parker-roo  finally in the arms of his Dad ... Shea.
And just like that ... the evening was over for my babies.

My Birthday Bash ... was a huge success!
What made it special was having  all of my family  there to celebrate it with me ...
Parents ... Cousins ... Children ... and Grandbabies 
... which rarely happens.

This is what I always wish for when I blow out my candles ... family.
It almost makes a birthday worth having.
The only thing missing was that the 200 friends in attendance didn't yell
I love that part.

That might possibly be because ... I guess the night was perhaps not all about me.
Okay ... it wasn't really about me at all ... though it was my birthday ... and they did sing
Happy Birthday.

Actually ... we all came together to celebrate the marriage of ...
 my Nephew Max  and his new bride Jing.  
It really was a wonderful wedding.

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