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Tuesday, March 5

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Finding that perfect lamp  to highlight your perfect table ... easy.
Well ... until you factor in budget ... creativity ... and uniqueness.
 I love my table.
It's a hammered-copper top over a wrought-iron base ...
surrounded with black leather chairs.
I wanted something significant ... and different to complement it.
I've purchased and returned several on-line beauties.
Some were too boring and some were way too large.
 I ordered this pendant from Pottery Barn.  Originally I wanted it for my workroom ... 
but once it arrived ... I thought it might do the trick for the living room.
Slight problem ... the lamp was set up for ceiling attachment ...
 and I currently have no over-head wiring outlet in the space.
 Not a problem.
I just pulled off the hard-wire shell to show the wiring.
 As you can see ... 3 wires ...
  black(hot)... white(neutral)... green(ground).
 I purchased a new plug to attach the wires to.
(I might add at this point ... I did speak for quite awhile to the Home Depot guy ... just to be safe)
I threaded the wires through the new plug and attached them to the screws
inside the plug as per the safety instructions.
Voila ... from a hard-wired light ... into a plug in fixture.
(To be honest ... I do have plans to have an electrician create an outlet in the ceiling soon)
(I could do it myself ... but don't relish crawling in the attic!)
 I hate cords ... but like they say ... if you can't beat 'em ... join 'em.
I decided to work the thick black wire into the decor.
 I love the"industrial look" and decided to coil the wire to create a bit of
modern ... industrial interest.
I swagged the wire to the wall and disguised the rest of the cord ... down to the floor outlet.
I love the look ... and the reflections it throws on the ceiling ...
 and the table suggest a warm ... soft mood.
The lamp hangs about 20 inches above the table to give a bit of
intimacy to the corner.

I try to do most of the remodeling work around my house myself ... and I
have rewired all the outlets and switches in my home ... but
electricity and wiring can have some "shocking" effects.
So anything more difficult that the basics I leave to a professional.

I am definitely not a professional ... so if you want to do any rewiring in your home ...
  make sure you check with an expert.

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Tranae said...

Love the table!!

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