Growing Up Sucks ... or why Parents are Crazy...

Thursday, March 7

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Parents are Crazy!
Just ask any teenager ... or for that matter pre-teenager.
Even if your kids are still young ... we all remember when we were teens and
our parents seemed so stressed and crazy.
Being an adult ... as we all know with all its responsibilities and problems ...
does have a way of making us a bit wacko.

Now I don't want to say I'm glad when my kids grew up and began to 
learn what "grown-ups" have to deal with ... but ...
I do like the satisfaction of hoping they understand me a bit more.

I had to laugh when my college graduate son called ... so angry ...  telling me
he was in the DMV and couldn't believe how long he had to wait and how rude
some of the people were.  Duh!

 So ... child number three ... Complicated Kai is beginning to learn the pressures
and lessons of adulthood.  Going through some driver's license problems
brought on my an overlooked "fix it" ticket ... 
her "adult lessons" began.
 Dealing with the DMV is to be avoided if humanly possible.
But ...
 when you have a suspended license ... off to the DMV you go.
We waited 30 minutes in the parking lot to get started as soon as they opened.
(Yup ... mom was there too after a Starbucks run for the little law-breaker)
Start Here ... okay ... check!
 G0007 ... waiting for your number to be called by a soothingly calm intercom voice.  
We waited another half hour for our number to be called.  
Complicated Kai remarked, "This is kind of like really depressing BINGO."

Finally got STEP ONE  completed ... by a rather friendly woman.
Next ...
 Off to the Costa Mesa Police Department to handle the "fix it" ticket.
We pulled up right in front ... and found an officer right away.
Surprisingly easy.

... a hop ... skip ... and a jump to the  Orange County Courthouse.
 Time to pay for the original "unpaid" "fix it" ticket.
This place is actually pretty nice.  I had no idea they had 
these outside windows to handle tickets and such.
I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised ... when the parking lot
is filled with these types of vehicles.

Well ... as these types of things go ... the  Newport DMV experience  wasn't too bad.  
Maybe in another post I can tell you some of my own "non-Newport Beach DMV" horror stories.

Even though the experience went rather smoothly ... Complicated Kai ... 
not only felt the stress of the entire situation ... but  $600  later ... lesson learned.
My little baby is growing up ... now ... somewhat older and wiser.
Drive carefully ... pay your tickets in a timely manner ... and learn that she
 ... herself ... was well on the way to becoming a 

Crazy Parent ....   one day.

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