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Sunday, March 17

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It's quiet now.
No teenagers to worry about ... no science projects to finish ... no Christmas programs to attend.
It's too quiet.  
I miss the tennis lessons ... and cheer competitions ... and even the nail-biting 
games that came down to the wire.
Where did the time go?

I guess it's the"Circle of Life".
These are the moments I look forward to now.
 Getting to visit my son ... Shea and his family
(P-dawg or Parker roo ... his baby sister Olivia ... and of course mom ... Sarah)
is always something I don't get enough of.
But this past weekend ... I got to watch  Parker  attend  Sports Camp.
This week ... Basketball.
The Camp was for kids in the 18 - 24 month range.
Fun and learning starts young I guess. 
 Yes ... glad to see they're co-ed.  Such a cutie.
 There was quite a bit of running around ... but learning how to
sit and listen was all part of the game too.
 Circle Time ... all the kiddos gathered around ... and learned about  dribbling.
Parker ... was not a fan of  Circle Time.
He much preferred to practice on his own.
Rather an "independent one" ... he ... but an All-Star in the making.
 He made his approach down the lane ...
What a shot ... now ya just gotta work on that dribble  P-dawg.
 Tee-shirts for all the future "Hall of Famers".
After a successful day on the court ... P-dawg  walked off to contemplate his next move.  
Camp was over ... but  P-dawg  knew he couldn't wait for his entourage ... 
now he must focus on his fitness ... get home and practice ... and of course ...
he had to call his agent.

The Circle of Life
These are the "new" moments I live for.

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