Hey Big Brother ... Part Two

Monday, February 18

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Part Two

Yesterday's  Monday Morning Music featured Rare Earth's...Hey Big Brother.
Today I thought I'd feature another "Big Brother" ... my sweetheart ...
Parker Rhodes
 Parker ... aka ... P Dawg ... Roo ... and just plain P is one Cool Dude.  
I don't see him often ... but I did get to go down recently and babysit my favorite grandson.
 I was there when he woke up ... and boy ... we're talking ... major bed head.  
Aw ... still sweet in his Batman jammies.
As you can see he continues the family tradition of 
lots and lots of hair.
Not long after ... his mom thought she'd trim up his mane a bit.
As has happened to us all ... she had to keep evening things up ... and before long ...
she was in tears.
Her baby boy had no more curls.
But he looks so handsome ... and the curls will grow back before you know it.

Now ... just because grandma's can get away with anything ...
you can't have a "Big Brother" without ... the "Little Sister".
So I'll finish up this blatantly braggadocios post with a few of sis's pix.
Oh my goodness!
I know I'm super prejudiced ... but what a beauty!
Olivia Layne.

Okay ... I'm done bragging now!

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1 comment:

frikken DUCKIE said...

What gorgeous pictures! Her smile is amazing!!!

Sorry I've been a stranger. Just been busy with the kids, Joey's court hearings, and Joey's broken leg. I write a post as fast as I can and then close the laptop to get back to duties. I feel so out of touch with everyone else since I haven't been reading much or responding to comments.

I'm trying to be better at that! Lol.

♥ Duckie.

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