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Sunday, February 3

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This weekend I decided to watch an old movie
Walk The Line
with Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix.  
It chronicles the life of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.
When they sang today's song ... I knew I'd heard it before by another artist ... so ...
I decided to share them all with you.  Listen to just one ... or listen to them all.

It Ain't Me Babe
written by Bob Dylan
Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon
(I love Reese Witherspoon ... just sayn')
Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash
(The original "man in black")
The Turtles
This was the version I was familiar with.  Not being a country fan ... back in the day ...
I listened to rock n roll.  In my mind ... these guys made this song a hit.
(By the way ... some guys are lucky they have talent, cuz looks aren't their strong suit)

Anyhoo ...
There you have it.  Three different versions of the same song.
  Which one strikes your fancy?

And ... if you haven't seen it ... you might want to check out
Walk The Line.
I give it "Two Thumbs Up".

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