Monday Morning Music ... Hey Big Brother

Sunday, February 17

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It's funny how we go about our daily stuff ... hear a song ... and pow!
Man I forgot all about that song ... I gotta go home and listen again.
That takes me back.
(Ok ... if you're me ... it takes ME back a lot farther than you.)

Last night we finally saw
Silver Linings Playbook.
(To be honest ... never heard about it till the Oscar buzz)
And I know I diverge ... but even though I was unsure about seeing it ...  it was ...

Anyway ... one of the songs from the soundtrack took me back.
Here it is .....
Hey Big Brother
Rare Earth

Yes we were fighting "The Man" and "Big Brother".  We were
such rebels ... I still am.
(Ok ... well I do still like my cut up least)

Can you be a "rebel grandma"?

Peace .... Love ... Rock & Roll

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