Tuesday TV ... Homeland ... Why I Love It!

Monday, January 14

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Tuesday TV Favorites ...
Okay ... I admit it ... I love movies and television ... and there are some great shows out there.
So I thought I'd share some of my current favorites with ya.
My current favorite ... Homeland.
I have to admit ... I didn't watch this when it first debuted ... but thanks to
Showtime On Demand and iTunes it didn't take me long to catch up.
If you happened to catch my post on Lost ... you know I always have to start
at the beginning.
 Clare Danes
Perhaps the best reason to watch this show ... Clare Danes.
As an undercover CIA agent  in Iraq... Carrie Mathison (Danes' character) ... 
uncovers a terrorist plot against the United States involving a recently rescued American POW ...
 turned Al Qaeda sleeper agent.
Danes is amazing as a fanatical CIA operative with unparalleled instincts.
She does her best work ... however ... depicting her character's mental illness.
Carrie Mathison is forced to hide her illness in order to keep her job with the CIA ...
trying to manage her sanity with a secret stash of pills.
It's no wonder she's won so many awards:  Golden Globes ... Emmies and others.
Her depiction of this driven ... misunderstood ... mentally unstable CIA agent is
simply riveting.
Damian Lewis
 Damian Lewis  is also amazing as the recently rescued POW Nicholas Brody.
Is he a hero ... as most of the country believes ... or is he a terrorist ...
as Carrie Mathison believes?
His depiction of an 8 year Iraqi POW ... trying to return to a "normal" life gives us a small
view of what many soldiers must face as they try to come home from years of service.
Brody comes home to a wife and family that thought he was dead ... and
to a young son that doesn't even remember him.
Mandy Patinkin plays Carrie's confidant and fellow CIA agent ... Saul Berenson.
Saul has his hands full trying to keep Carrie from coming off the rails while
trying to persuade the powers-that-be that her information is solid.

I have to admit I'm a big fan of mystery and intrigue.
I love Tom Clancy and Harrison Ford as John Ryan ... Patriot Games ... etc ...
and Kevin Costner in No Way Out ... enough said.

Homeland is like all of those rolled into one ... and it's not over in 2 hours.
I'm lovin me some Homeland.
So ... I leave you with just a little bit of intrigue.
Sundays ... 9 P. M. ... Showtime

Haven't seen it?  Don't worry you've got some time.  You can catch up on Season 1 and 2
now ... Season 3 will start back up in September 2013.

Love It!

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JJ said...

we loveeeee Homeland. We can't wait for season 3 to start.

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