Tuesday TV Favorites .... Scandal!

Tuesday, January 29

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Well it's Tuesday again and time to share another one
of my favorite new ... well new to me ... shows.

Thursday Nights ... 10 PM (PST) ... ABC

I love this fast-paced drama staring Kerry Washington as  Olivia Pope
 You know you probably have a good show on your hand when it's created by
  Shonda Rhimes  ... the master-mind behind such shows as 
Grey's Anatomy  and  Private Practice

 Pope ... the former White House Communication Director ... left the job to set up
 her own Crisis Management Firm  ... Olivia Pope & Associates ... in a town where there are no shortages of crises to be managed.  The firm's specially ...
  protecting the images of the nation's elite ... 
fixing scandals  ...  making sure their secrets never get out.
Olivia has a complicated past of her own ... she is in love with the
President of the United States ... and he with her.

This is a well-written drama with plenty of suspense and intrigue mixed in.
Great plots ... character development ... and dialogue as well. 
What really goes on in Washington D.C. behind the scenes?

Lovin this show!

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