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Tuesday, January 22

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Black Wave
John & Jean Silverwood

I have never read one of Oprah's books ... never been to
a book signing ... never even shared a favorite book on my blog.
So today's a first for me.

To be quite honest ... I didn't even read this book.
I actually love audiobooks ... and I loved reading ... er listening ... to this one.

A few months ago I was introduced to  John Silverwood ...
the author and subject of the  Black Wave.
John and my close friend Cindy ... both from San Diego ... came here to
Bakersfield for a speaking engagement ... and we got a chance to meet.
What a character.  I immediately knew ... I had to read his story.
 The book covers the true story ... or better yet ... amazing adventures ...
of  John Silverwood  and his family on the high seas.
 John and his entire family ... left San Diego on the  Emerald Jane ... to spend
a year at sea ... to experience and live the beauties of the world.
 Their story chronicles not only the beauties and cultures they encountered ...
 but the dangers they came across as well.  From out-running actual pirates  ...
to their final disaster and near death on a sharp and deadly coral reef in the South Pacific.
 The book is an open and honest account of the highs and lows of their
family dynamics as well as the faith and inner strength that came from the adventures ...
 and ... misadventures that befell them on their year-long journey.
Black Wave  is a truly inspiring account of a family's courage ... determination ...
growth ... and triumph with a strong faith in God.

After reading ... okay ... listening ... to this book ... I hope I get another
chance to meet and speak with John.  Thank you Cindy
for encouraging me ... so strongly ... to read it.

Just so you know ... I ended up buying 3 copies to give as Christmas gifts.
They all loved it too.

If anyone  is interested in "listening" to this book on CD.  I will
gladly send you my copy.  I think it's always good to pass on a good thing.
Just leave me a comment or email and I'll send you
my copy ... 
a Happy Valentines Gift from me to you.

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1 comment:

JJ said...

I love audio books. They keep me company on the commute to work.

Sounds like an interesting read. I love finding new books and authors.

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