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Sunday, January 20

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Waxing a bit nostalgic ...
(waxing...who says that anymore?)
Gentle On My Mind
Glen Campbell

Okay ... so I went to a "chick flick" this weekend ... which I normally never do.
I'm not really big on the sweet ... romantic stuff.
We saw  The Guilt Trip  with Barbara Streisand and Seth Rogen.
Much to my surprise it wasn't too bad.
"Babs" and Seth ... on a long road trip ... have a conversation about
her younger days and the loves she had before she met and married Seth's dad.
Well ... I won't spoil the end ... but it left me smiling.

As it happened ... this song ... Gentle On My Mind ... began playing on the radio on
the way home.  I'm not particularly a fan of Glen Campbell ... and this song was
never one of my favorites ... but I began to listen to the words and my mind began
to wander back to places I'd been and people I once knew.
(Big Sigh...)

I guess you get to a particular stage in your life ... and some thing or some song will
take you back to somewhere and you'll spend a few moments just
day dreaming.

So ... just because ... here are a few of the lyrics to  Gentle On My Mind.

It's knowing that your door is always open and your path is free to walk ...
That makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag rolled up and stashed behind your couch ...
And it's knowing I'm not shackled by forgotten words and bonds
And the ink stains that have dried upon some line ...

That keeps you in the backroads by the rivers of my mem'ry
That keeps you ever gentle on my mind.

It's not clinging to the rocks and ivy planted on their columns now that bind me ...
Or something that somebody said because they thought we fit together walking ...
It's just knowing that the world will not be cursing or forgiving
When I walk along some railroad track and find

That you're moving on the backroads by the rivers of my mem'ry
And for hours you're just gentle on my mind

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