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Thursday, January 17

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It's Apple Blossom time!
Yes ... it's true ... genius has finally come to B-town.
The Apple Store!
After several years of driving to Orange County or perhaps north to Fresno ...
that big white Apple has finally blossomed here in Bakersfield.
Are these kids as cute as Apple pie or what?
  Ladies and gentlemen ... we have a Genius Bar.
Yes ... it's true genius lives in Bakersfield ... BAZINGA!
 A whole Apple Store ... in an actual mall.

Okay ... I know what you're thinking ... eh ... so what.
Do I live in a one-horse-hick town or what?  Of course not ... well maybe
just a little ... but we have an actual University and 19 high schools.
(Not to say I wouldn't move to the beach in a heartbeat)

But ... in a town of well over 350,000 ... an Apple Store
is way overdue.

So for no other reason than ...
 I'm happy as a clam ... 
like a witch in a broom factory ...
like a puppy in a Snausage factory ...
like me in a vat of Diet Coke ...

Bakersfield has an Apple Store.
... a little Apple slice of Heaven.
Perhaps I'll celebrate with an Appletini.


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1 comment:

Chelsea Melrose said...

I'm super jealous. I have to drive 2 hours to get to the nearest Apple store! And my house is filled with Apple products, so you can imagine how many trips we have taken to the Apple store!

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