Moments of Reflection

Sunday, January 6

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A Time of Reflection
in memory of Aimee Oki
There are moments in our lives that 

... we regret
... make us deliriously happy
... we never forget
... take our breath away
... we treasure
... break our hearts
... open our eyes
... change our view of the world
... leave us battered and broken
... inspire us to new heights

Each of these moments we experience change our lives in some way ...
whether we realize it or not ... we often hold them in our hearts forever.
Some moments become treasured memories and some we wish we could forget.
Some moments we handle well and some we flounder miserably.

All of these moments and experiences become who we are.

Life's moments should teach us ... inspire us ... open our eyes.

Lord take this moment and open my eyes ... my heart ... and my understanding.
Change my desires and despairs and may I be truly grateful for each day.

At this moment ... my heart is with my family & friends in their time of loss.

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