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Monday, December 24

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Curly-Q Paper Bows
Are you down to the wire on your Christmas wrapping?
Are you cramming things in boxes that don't really fit ... cuz you're out of boxes?
Is your ribbon down to only neon orange and your bows long since used up?

Well, here's a last minute tip.
If you at least have paper ... you can make amazing bows and labels.

This is one of my favorite looks ... to be quite honest.
(And of course it's Christmas Eve ... so I must be quite honest ... Santa knows)

I always knew you could curl the "curling ribbon" from the store ... but did you know you
can curl plain old paper too?        Who knew?
Fold a scrap of paper in half.
Cut 1" strips ... approximately ... leaving about 1" at the bottom ... uncut.
Run a strip of glue along the folded edge.
Roll loosely and squeeze bottom to keep flower in place.
This is the slightly tricky part.
Just like you would curl ribbon ... grasp bottom of each strip between scissors and thumb
and pull up.
The tricky part ... the part you must be careful of ... is not to pull too hard or the paper
will rip.  That's okay if one or two of the strips rip...there's plenty more and it won't show.

You'll get the hang of it.  How hard you can pull depends on how thick your paper is.
Easy peasy ... add whatever else your little heart may want.
Use the same paper as your package for a overall look ... or
Add a contrasting paper.  This curly bow was made from plain old
brown butcher paper.
Experiment ... this method works on all types of paper.
For a little extra "last minute" interest ... cut out an initial from a favorite magazine ...
or anything.  I've used crossword puzzle books ... music paper ... even the sports page.
So simple ... but it shows that little extra thought about your giftee that they'll  appreciate.

Okay ... well go get your last minute wrapping done.
Mine is finally finished .

Now I just have to see if I can fit all the packages into the car.
I live with a family of doubters ... but I always manage to pack every last present .
Skills to pay the bills.

Merry Christmas all!

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