Santa's Almost Done

Wednesday, December 19

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Greetings from the North Pole ... via California.

I may have mentioned this before ... okay ... I've probably mentioned it a lot ...
but ...  Santa 's  been mucho busy around here.

Since this was my first  Etsy Christmas  ... I ... er ... Santa ... was a bit overwhelmed ...
and somewhat unprepared.

I gave you a peek HERE at what  Santa's  been making in the workshop ... and ...
may I say ... without any "elf" assistance ...
but I ran into a bit of a new wrinkle in the shop ... when I absolutely ran out of boxes.
I doubt the  elves  ever let that happen at the North Pole.

Let me tell ya ... them boxes can be expensive ... so this  Santa  decided to go 
"dumpster diving".
Now ... don't get me wrong ... I didn't acutally dive into any dumpsters ... but I did
make a few slow drives in the sleigh through a couple of store alleyways.

I like to think of this as a "package rescue" mission.

I was looking for a bunch of small boxes to pack some mugs into ... and
cha-ching ... I hit the mother lode. 

Not only did I find lots of individual boxes ... Rite Aid left me this box packed
with 20 perfectly sized boxes all broken down and ready to go into the sleigh.
Score one for Santa.

This dumpster score came just in the  St. Nick  of time.
Only 2 more of these stacks to get to the post office ... and  Santa  is on vacation.

How's your Christmas shopping going?

I think I'm going to take a break tonite and watch me some

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