A Slice of Christmas 2012

Sunday, December 30

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A Little Slice of Christmas
 1 Christmas tree full of my wild and quirky ... check.
Presents wrapped and ready ...  check.
 First come the stockings!  But before stockings ... absolutely ... positively ...
gotta have that cup of coffee.
 Complicated Kai and her "beau" Nick ... big fans of stocking joy!
 My mom ... looking lovely as ever.
 On to the "main event" ... presents!
My other half ... pleased with a new blue ray player.
 My son Bryn showing off his new sweatshirt ... then back to his
Santa duties ... handing out the gifts.  It's kind of a handed-down honor ...
much like carving the Thanksgiving turkey .
(Of course since I cater my turkey ... )
 Papa ... my dad ... trying to figure out what in the heck he just got.

 Style diva Kai ... admiring her new beaded bag ... it's to die for.
Presents opened ... time for a Kodak moment.
We are so overjoyed that my mom ... Mimi ... is back to her old self and
really able to enjoy Christmas with all of us ... we are truly thankful.

As she opened this newborn picture of Baby Olivia ... however ... we were also
a bit sad ... we were unable to be with my son Shea and his family this year.
We are so happy to welcome this new one into our family ... that we are content to
"face time" on our phone.

I must admit ... that I had a few moments of sadness ... as this was the very first
Christmas Day without my son Shea since he was born.  
A mother is permitted a little leeway here ... right?

But ...  all - in - all ...
A Blessed Christmas was had by all.

Hope your Holiday was happy as well.

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1 comment:

JJ said...

looks like a successful Christmas celebration with the family.

Great looking tree!

I love the new blog design.

Happy 2013!

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