Olympic Gold ... a Close Encounter

Sunday, November 4

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A greater guy you will never meet ....
A stronger ... tougher man you will most definitely never meet!
And he sparkles with Olympic Gold!

See more about his Olympic success HERE.

Jake Varner
Olympic Wrestling Gold Medalist
Bakersfield High School Driller ... for life.

Last night  Bakersfield High Wrestling  had a fund raiser ...
and of course ... who better promote BHS Wrestling .... than
Jake Varner.

 Jake spoke to a packed gym of BHS supporters and ... honestly ... Jake Varner fans.

Not only did Jake make the trip to aid the 
BHS Wrestling ...  but to be a part of 
Bakersfield High School
unveiling the new feature which will forevermore adorn
the wall of the BHS gymnasium.

This amazing banner will hang proudly alongside 
100 years of Bakersfield High athletic achievements.
(And let me tell you...there have been many!)

There was  plenty ... of   GOLD   in the house ...
and Jake took time to share the "gold fever."

 Check this out ... my first gold medal ... 
well okay ... my first "close encounter" with a gold metal.

... one of his biggest fans ... his  Dad.
(Except for maybe his Mom ... you know how we moms are)

It was a great night.
Jake Varner  has had an  AMAZING CAREER!

         Thanks for coming home and sharing the love.... 

"Once a Driller ... Always a Driller!"

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