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Wednesday, November 7

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We welcomed our first granddaughter into the world ...
Olivia Layne.

Isn't she a delicate angel?
Such beautiful features and everyone comments on her  hair.
Well ... Olivia you come from a long line of 
"mop heads"

 Olivia ... your  Auntie Kai  had the most  hair  I've ever seen in a newborn.
She still does!

Even her  hair  had a mind of its own.

She had tons at birth ... and a couple of months later ...

Her mom ... okay that's me ... loved to play beauty shop with her.

 That's not all Olivia ... the apple didn't fall too far from the tree.

Yes ... Olivia ... that's your grandma on the left and your great-grandma.
   Hair ... hair ... hair! 
Go ahead laugh.
(Side note here ... this was my favorite velvet dress ... still have it ... maybe you can borrow it)

Olivia ... if you ever hear anyone refer to your  Grandma Bibi  as having been a
"wild child" ... it wasn't for my life style .
I had more "wild hair" than a small country.

Anyway ... Olivia ... you're joining a long line of
"Mop Heads".

So ... just remember what they say ...

"You can never have too much money or too much hair!"

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