My Thanksgiving Vacation ... at home

Sunday, November 25

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Back in the blogging business after a nice Thanksgiving week.
It's difficult for me to totally take off writing and working on my Etsy orders ...
and I may be a little OCD ... but the time with my family
was nice ... cozy ... and just like a wonderful vacation at home.

Here are a few of my Thanksgiving vacation memories.

My daughter ... Complicated Kai ... spent the whole week with us.
We woke up that first morning and realized we all had the same color jammies.

Kai was intent on baking an apple pie and she got a little
help from her grandma.  It was de......licious!

I was happy my mom and dad were able to drive down to join us.
Mom's doing super and recovering very well.

Oh ... and can't forget little Greta in her Christmas sweater who 
made the trip too.  My little Blake was thrilled to see his cousin.

Saturday night ... my son Bryn and his girlfriend Erynne joined us
for a nice Italian meal.

Aren't they all too cute?

Oh to be young and so photogenic.

We had a great traditional Thanksgiving ... complete with catered turkey
from a Chinese Restaurant.
Let me tell you ... it was "to die for".

We had a simple ... relaxed ... dinner ....
played some "Apples to Apples" ... and ate until we fell asleep in front of the TV.

My kind of Thanksgiving.

Next stop ...

...........  Christmas.

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