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Wednesday, November 14

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Let me introduce you to my new favorite tool.

Okay ... well it's neck and neck with my Silhouette Cameo ... but right now ...
I'm having all kinds of fun with it.  

My absolutely ... gotta have it ... shut the door - bananas ...

It's perfect for any type of fabric printing ... be it ...  t-shirts ... totes ... or whatever.
It's so easy to use ... and it's affordable.

Up until this time  ...  I've been cutting stencils with my Silhouette ... 
using contact paper ... then hand painting using a stencil brush.

If you're only going to make one or two of an item ... this may still be the way I'll do it.

But if you want to make a stencil you can use over and over and over ...  
ScreenIt  is the way to go!

The  ScreenIt comes with :

  screen printing machine
  2 emulsified printing sheets
  dark room light bulb
  1 tube of soft Tulip fabric paint
  detailed intsructions

Begin with a drawing. 

 It must be done in black ink or felt marker ... on white computer paper
You can also print something off your computer ... Silhouette ...
 or  just draw your own design on a piece of computer paper.

It's that easy.  One thing to keep in mind though ... it's best not to let your lines get too thin.

Next ... burn your design onto the emulsified printing sheet.

This is where the "dark room light" comes in.  The emulsified sheet is sort of like an old
photo negative.  When you remove it from its package and place it in the machine ... 
the room has to be dark.  

I chose a bathroom to use as my "dark room".  Cover any light sources.  I covered the
window with a beach towel ... just to be on the safe side.
They give you the "dark room bulb" so that you have "safe" light to work.

Turn OFF all lights in the room ... then turn ON your "dark room bulb."

Following the directions included (which are very simple) ... 
put the emulsified sheet and your design into the 
ScreenIt Machine.

Then lock it ... and turn it on. 
Now you can turn your lights back on.  

Wait exactly 15 minutes.

Take out your emulsified sheet and scrub it clean ...
Now you have an exact copy of your design you can use over and over.

I'll show you the printing part of the ScreenIt story on Friday.

In the meantime ... here's the link to the  Tulip ScreenIt  website.
Check out all the cool stuff people are making.

You can also find a lot of cool  ScreenIt  videos on YouTube.

By the way ... here's the finished product from my very first design.
This is the Bakersfield High School Girl's Tennis Team.
They're doing their part for  Breast Cancer Awareness.

See ya again Friday for Part 2 ...

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