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Thursday, November 29

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Yesterday I was musing  HERE  over all the various puppy names
I've come across while painting my ... Etsy Puppy Feeding Mats.

But I completely ignored some of my favorite puppy names.

My all time favorite ... Toto.  
Doesn't hurt that he looks like my little Blake.

You can't forget Snoopy.
We both love to dance!

This is me most days ... I gotta say.

Scooby Doo where are you?

Do you think he'd like this mat?

Ra right .... I'm lovin me some Astro.
Meet George Jetson .....

Last but not least ... sigh ... Lady & The Tramp.

Aaah.....true love.  They could share their spaghetti on their love mat.

What famous pooches do you remember? 

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Danette Dillon said...

Blake does look like Toto! The Wizard of Oz is probably my favorite movies so it only makes since that Toto would be my favorite.

On the other hand, Jackson (my dog) looks exactly like Tramp.

It's a toss up. :)

Ashley @ This girl is... said...

You can't forget Pluto! :)

emi said...

cute! i remember shadow & chance from homeward bound, lassie, shiloh, and wishbone. love dogs! your blog is super cute, now following! xo chaseandem.blogspot.com

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