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Friday, October 5

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Now that I have a "place" on the California Coast ... Newport Beach ...
(Ok...so I have a room at my daughter's house...sue me)
I get to see a lot of neighborhoods here in Southern California.

Not that this is a shock to me ... but the price of real estate here at the beach ...
out-of-this-world.  Tooling around the Newport Beach area on my beach cruiser ...
(Yeah...I'm a name dropper...it's all I got)
I noticed a few homes for sale in Complicated Kai's neighborhood.

Here's a home one block from Kai.
It's a very nice ... well kept ... modest-sized home.
Great curb appeal to be sure ... approximately 1800 square feet.
The price  (on sale) .... $895,000.

This is a gorgeous 4500 square foot home in Carmel, Indiana.
It boasts such luxuries such as:  a built-in wine cellar ... designer kitchen ...
complete with a Wolf Induction Cooktop.
(What in the heck is that?)
The price here ... $590,000.

How about one more.
This mansion is located in McKinney, Texas.
3500 square feet with 4 bedrooms.
You want a home in Texas?   Yours today for only $190,00.

Yeah I know ... beach property is always high.  But ... homes in California ...
in general ... have always been traditionally so much higher than most of the country.

Somehow ... though ... it never ceases to amaze me.

What are property costs where you live?

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Gina Rodriguez said...

"Lets All Move to Texas!!"

I think they call it "Sticker Shock"!!
Our Real Estate Rates are Nuts here ... But then, once your there, you realize Why.

Enjoy your New Surroundings Girlfriend! I'm happy for you!!
Love You!

tara said...

exactly the reasons why i will always live in texas!

frikken DUCKIE said...

That's crazy! The houses are really nice, but not for that price!

♥ Duckie.

P.S. Did ya miss me!?

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