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Monday, October 22

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I have been a bit lax in my posting the last few days.
At first ... I was getting my new Christmas Etsy items ready for the shop.
I pushed and pushed to get them done before the weekend.
Finally got most of the work behind me and they'll be in my shop next week.

But ... the big reason I had to get everything done is cuz
I'm taking this week off to be down here in Newport Beach with my kids.

Cuz ...

My grandbaby Parker Rhodes Mercado ...

is going to be a Big Brother ...

Yes ... Tuesday morning ... at about 8:00 A.M.
we're going to welcome a little girl to our family.

So I'm helping to take care of Parker while mom and dad are in the hospital ...
and ... of course ... tomorrow afternoon ... I'll get to meet little ...

"Becky Lynn Mercado"

No ... just kidding ... since they're keeping the name a surprise ... I'm just
filling in the name of my choice.  That one sounds pretty good.

So ... talk to you Wednesday with some baby pix.

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