The Money Pit

Wednesday, October 3

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Just caught
"The Money Pit"
on TV yesterday .... and I was reminded how
much I love ... love ... love it!

Since so many of you DIY'ers are remodeling or have remodeled your home ...
I thought I'd share some clips with you.

Tom Hanks  and  Shelley Long  have decided to fix up an old home
they bought.  Both have sunk every cent they own into it.
They are so in love .....  aaaah ... at least at the beginning.

Then reality begins to sink in.  The house begins to reveal it's true level
of disrepair and the nightmare of the  "Money Pit"  begins to unravel.

The unscrupulous contractors ... who always promise it will take ...
2 Weeks ...
the continually cranky building inspectors ... and a crew of workmen that seem
to be continually on a break.

Yes ... this couple is in love.  Fixing up this old "gem" of a house sounds like fun.
As one thing after another goes wrong ... their patience and their money ... begin
to wear thin.

This scene speaks for itself.  The house continually presents one problem after
another.  Due to circumstances beyond his control ... Hanks has missed his first
appointment with the Building Inspector .... and he has to reschedule a new one.

Will the couple's relationship survive ...

"The Money Pit"

Tom Hanks & Shelley Long

All you remodelers ... future remodelers ... or thinking-about-maybe remodelers ...
ya gotta see this movie.  It's seriously funny.
Even if you don't own a house ... this is a Classic.

Rent it ... like right now!

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