The Crystal Cathedral

Monday, October 1

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Last weekend we were down in Newport Beach.
Since we were so close ... we decided to take a little side trip and take in 
The Crystal Cathedral.
Garden Grove ... Orange County ... California.

 Now I watched  Laguna Beach  and ... if truth be told  The Hills  as well.
Once in awhile they'd show  Christina Schuller  and her family at the
 Crystal Cathedral.
The  Schuller  family started the  Crystal Cathedral.

The  Crystal Cathedral  was founded by  Robert H. Schuller  in 1955.  
Services were originally held at a local drive in.  This new ... maginificent cathedral ...
designed by  Richard Neutra ... became the congregation's new home in 1980 ...
seats 2700 people ... at a cost of ... $18 million.

 The Cathedral contains one of the  largest muscial instruments in the world ...
The Hazel Wright Memorial Organ.

 Can you believe all this glass?
Believe it or not these panes of glass are  NOT bolted in ...
they are individually glued in using a silicon based glue.  Supposedly this
helps the structure withstand earthquakes.

We all seen tiles at certain venues where donors can buy tiles ...  and have as
a permanent memorial.  These marble inlays are even more special ...
as each one ... and there are hundreds ... display not only the donor ...
but their favorite Bible verse as well.

In the last years the Cathedral and it's congregation have fallen upon hard times 
both financially and organizationally.  They filed bankruptcy in 2010 and since
then have sold the grounds and the Cathedral to the
Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County.
Though there are still services being held ... the Catholic Church will
take over the complex sometime in 2014.

It is truly a magnificent architectural wonder.
If you ever get near enough to Orange County to visit ... you must
take in the beauty of the 
Crystal Cathedral.

Oh ... and as an  extra bonus ... as we were waiting at the stop light ...
turning into the Crystal Cathedral ... I saw what I thought was a huge plane about to fly
overhead.  I was a bit wrong ... but I got a big surprise.

The Space Shuttle Endeavor

What a day!

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Kai Mercado said...

these pics turned out great!

tara said...

wow! that cathedral is incredible!

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