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Monday, October 8

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Teeny Bopper Tuesday

Okay ... that's a bit harsh.

I was just in our local Hallmark Store last week ...  and I was immediately drawn in by the  
"back-to-school" accessories  
they had on display.
Check out what  today's lockers  can look like.

I mean ... come on.  
Zebra stripes ... chandeleirs .. shag rugs?

 You can have the glamour of these beaded chandeliers.
Which makes a better statement ... hmmm ... black or white?

 Yeah ... I'm thinking the black too.  Nothing says elegance like
a lovely beaded candelabra.

 Designer ... jeweled ...  magnetic .... hmmm ... holder thingamajigs.
I guess they could hold pencils ... do they still use pencils?

 I have no idea what a bow and a key are for ... but they are chic-chic.

 Yes ... every locker needs a decorator clock.    Of course these aren't digital.  
Sometimes I wonder if kids can actually tell time on these analog dinosaurs ... but they're cute!

Pick your color kiddos.  I'm lovin them all.

 Oooh ...  shag rugs and Justen Bieber.   Enough said.

Do kids actually use their lockers nowdays?
Well ... to be sure ... they've come a long way baby.
With all these decorator accessories ... is there any room for books?
I'm just sayn' whatever floats your boat.

Except for the  Justin Bieber  ... hmmm maybe  Usher  for me ... or if it were actually
back in my school dayz  ...  Paul McCartney  ... yeah that would make it complete!

Almost worth going back to school .... almost.

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