All in the Family ... Halloween

Wednesday, October 31

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How was your Halloween?

Mine was very ... very ... quiet.  We only had 10 trick or treaters.
This is pretty normal for us ... although we can't quite decide why.
We live at the top of a cul-de-sac .... maybe we're considered ...

I think the word gets around that the man that lives here loves to wear a mask to the door.
(My husband is a little boy too.)

Having so few trick or treaters is kind of a mixed blessing.
My husband always buys tons of candy (eternal optimist) ... so we have lots left ... always!

No kiddos at home to dress up anymore ... so we live vicariously through the neighborhood kids.

But ... through the magic of modern technology ... I instantly get
pictures from my kids ... who ... as you already know ... still LOVE to dress up!

 I love ... love ... love this costume.
Little Red Riding Hood ... after killing the Big Bad Wolf!

 I love the fact that you know immediately who she is...
but it's still has a creative twist.

I'm so over-the-moon with her "wolf head" purse.
I hear Nordstroms will be carrying it this winter.

Little Red Riding Hood  definitely took care of business ...
though just a bit bloody.

 Complicated Kai ... my sweet ... gorgeously photogenic daughter.

Usually girls take a character and give it their own "sexy" twist.
Thankfully ... this year ... not too too sexy ... just flirty and such
a "story book" face.    Loving the hair... just like I imagine 
Red Riding Hood  would sport

Boyfriend Nick.  Always making a bold ... albeit wacky statement.
This year ... White Goodman  from  Dodgeball.
You go Nick!

My  Batman  loving son ... Bryn and Erynne.
Where in the world did he find purple pants and a  vest?
Looking so "Evil".  Erynne is definitely rocking those boots.


 Last ... but not least ... Fred & Wilma.
(I gotta have that necklace!)

Check out the ride.  Sweet!  Although I'm pretty sure
Fred  powered his car with his feet.

 Fred & Bambam

 My Parkeroo makes such a cute Bambam!

 My whole  Flintstone Family.
My son Shea  (Fred)  who still thinks he's all that ... ok ... he is ... sometimes.
Beautiful wife Sarah  (Wilma).
Of course the famous Parker  (Bambam) ....
and celebrating her very first Halloween ... completing the  Flintstone Clan ...
Olivia Layne ... (Pebbles).

I'm so loving the  Family Flintstone  theme.

Well I hope you all had a  Happy Halloween.

So glad for technology.  It's not quite the same as being there ...
but it's better than a sharp stick in the eye.

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Monica said...

Oh my gosh what great pictures!!! Looks like everyone had a great time!

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