Tuesday 10...Things to Accomplish Before 2013

Monday, September 10

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Welcome all.  
This is my very first  Co-Hosting  and I'm
agreed to include my little blog.

Here's my ....
10 Things I Want to Accomplish Before 2013

1.     Get Back to New York City

I've only been there once and I'm dying to return.
While I'm there ...

2.   Go to the Broadway Play .... Wicked.

I've been dying to see this ... as I am a huge Wizard of Oz  fan.
But ... I guess I'm spoiled ... it's gotta be in NYC.

3.     And/Or go to the Broadway Play ..... Jersey Boys.

Again ... I love the music of  The 4 Seasons.

4.     Learn how to better showcase my

I've learned a lot but there's always so much more I want to know.
It takes a lot to get noticed in this massive format ... even though I'm starting to
get a lot of orders ... I want to really learn how to better promote my shop.

5.     I think I want to get a teeny-tiny tattoo.

Honestly ... and don't hate me ... but I've never been a big fan.  But
for some reason ... perhaps just to prove that I'm not totally over the hill ...
I'm seriously thinking about it.  Of course I'm such a BABY ... hence ... teeny-tiny.

6.     Get some quality time learning about my new 
Tulip Screen Print.

Just bought this and I can't wait to actually open the box.

7.     I want to get back to hitting on the 
Tennis Ball Machine.

I hate to exercise ... and I love tennis.  Problem is ... I gotta get into some
kind of shape before I actually play with another "human."

8.  I have got to go back and organize my Pinterest Boards.

9.     Learn how to make a Sock Monkey.

Yeah ... okay ... you're laughing at me now ... I can feel it.
I don't know ... I just love these guys.

10.   I gotta get some more sleep.

I spend way to much time lying awake at night trying to figure out 
"What I want to accomplish before 2013."

Okay ... Maybe these are lame ... oh well ... you don't care do you?

It's your turn to link up your 
Tuesday 10 List.

Seriously ... any List of your choice would be great ... you don't
have to use ours.

So ... grab a button and link up.
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Veronica and Daniel said...

Organizing my Pinterest boards...I totally need to do that too :) And I would love to see a Broadway play - I missed Wicked when it was in Chicago :( Good luck with your list!

Lena B @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

I've seen Wicked and it was AMAZING!!
Great list, thanks for co-hosting!! ♥

black tag diaries said...

SUCH a great list! so glad i linked up this week! i'm dying to see wicked myself... and it just so happens that it's showing in louisville as we speak... planning to buy tickets this week! maybe i can see it in NYC the second time around... love your blog... i'm following now:)

Tracy Jensen said...

Saw Wicked in LA....awesome.....WOULD LOVE TO GO TO NY again....and the sock monkey???? LOVE...see we are meant to be friendS!

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