Pet Parade and a Winner.

Saturday, September 1

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Well another party is over.
Thank you all that shared the love with us.

The party was all about the felines this month ... at least mostly.

 Here's  Jack  with his new mat.
Thanks for the plug Jack...glad you're starting to warm up to Jessi.
Thanks for your constant love Julie @ A Beautiful Day.

 Sweet ... sweet  Sadie  is looking so gorgeous.  She has a
nice new red outfit you must check out @ Mrs. Newlywed Giggles

 Ashley @ Life Begins @ 23  shared such a sweet
story about little  Cash.  Ya gotta check it out.

Jessica @ Living the LA Life  has a hard time rolling out of bed ...
she loves to cuddle with  Cali.   I'm with ya ...
I just want to cuddle with Blake all morning.

Last but not least  Warden  a precious coonhound ...
 will be moving in with Mrs. White @ Little Homemade Housewife.
Couldn't you just smoosh that cute face?

Thank you all for linking up.  I'm not sure ... but thinking this may be
the last party for awhile.  If you guys want to get back together for more 
monthly parties ... give me a holler.
Our numbers have kind of gone down instead of up ... so I thought you may
need a break ... but hey... I'm yours if ya'll are up for it.

Okay... this month's winner ....
dum ... dum .... dee ..... dum .....

Cali @Living the LA Life


I'll be getting in touch with you guys very soon.

Okay guys ... that's it.  Again ... thank you so much friends
for taking the time to share your love with Blake and me.
Love ya!

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1 comment:

Ashley from Life Begins @ 23 said...

I'll certainly miss the link-up if it goes away! :(

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