Monday Morning Music....Old Time Rock n Roll

Sunday, September 30

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Wake up Blog lovers ... it's Monday Morning ... time to
 Rock N Roll.....
"Old Time Rock n Roll"
Bob Seger

You get a  two-fer  today friends.
Not only do you get to hear one of my favorite
"get-up-and-shake-yer-tail feather" songs
 ... you also get to see ... Tom Cruise
in his underwear.    No ... don't thank me.    I'm just a giving kind of person.

Now granted it is a very young Tom Cruise.
Is that better or worse?  Hmmm not quite sure.

Anyway this Bob Seger tune came out in 1978 and gained a ton of
popularity after it was featured in the 1983 movie ...
"Risky Business".  

The movie also ... by the by ... catapulted Tom Cruise and the song .... into stardom.

I wonder if I lip synced a song on video in my underwear could I be a star?
As if !

So all you Monday morning back-to-workers .... and also all you
stay-at-home workers ... enjoy the ...

Ear Candy and the Eye Candy.

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1 comment:

Aubrey S. said...

Bob Segar is a great way to wake up on a Monday!

You should link this up with Musical Monday on My So-Called Chaos:

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