A Hot Time in the O.C....but a great Sprinkle

Monday, September 17

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The O.C. was cookin' this past weekend.

I'm talking close to 100 degrees in Newport Beach.
Are you kidding me?  I'm from Bakersfield ... I'm used to the heat ... but not here.
What?  No air conditioning?  Yikes!

Nothing helps chill a hot weekend ... however ... more than a cool sprinkle.

(You like my little chalkboard sign?)

Saturday afternoon we celebrated a little  "sprinkle"  for my daughter-in-law.
Now ... since this is a second baby .... and this time we're expecting a  GIRL ... 
it wasn't a full  "shower" ... just a little "sprinkle".
(And when I say "we"... I won't be doing any of the hard delivery work)

A "sprinkle" isn't complete without a favor for the guests.
In this case ... appropriately ... cupcakes from   Sprinkles.
Do y'all have Sprinkles?  These cupcakes are to die for ...
if you don't mind waiting in line.

Navy ... pink and nautical ... an elegant combination. What else in Newport Beach?

My only grandson ... sweet Parker ... is soon to be a  BIG brother.

Of course I have to show you one of my presents for the new baby.
I even stayed with the decor and the theme ... I was a good girl.
I just love crochet items ... especially this adorable Etsy navy and white whale.

My son  Shea ... his wife  Sarah ... and my sweet baboo ...  Parker.
Such a gorgeous family.
I can't imagine how beautiful the new little girl will be.

My other son ... Uncle Bryn  loves to get some "Parker time".

Add  Auntie Complicated Kai  and Bibi and we have a family!
(How is it I'm the only one that looks like I've been through the 100 degree wringer?  
My hair definitely melted into straw.)

It was a hot ... hot  weekend to be sure ... but an amazing time was had by all.

Family time with my kids ... what I live for!

....  to be continued!

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