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Friday, August 3

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The  London Olympics  are goin' great guns ...
but before the last flag is raised ... we wanted to give you a peak at
what it takes to put on an event of ... well ... of  Olympic proportions.

As you can see ... an important focal point of every Olympics ...
the  Olympic Rings  and the  Olympic Torch.

The  Olympic Torch  is such a huge symbolic icon for the athletes.
It opens and closes each  Olympic Games  and travels around the world in between.

So in case you're called upon in the future by the IOC... to design the
(International Olympic Committee)
  Opening Ceremonies ...  here's the the  DIY  on this bad boy.

Yes ... believe it or not ... this is how it is done!       Honest.
Take a big fat candle .... wrap it from the bottom up ...  in two long pieces of foil ...
 then crunch it up into various  peaks of flame.

Next ... with  painstaking concentration ... add color.
I took a bit of Orange Spray Paint ... then added just a highlight of Yellow and Red Spray Paint.

It's a  grueling process ... not everyone has the talent or patience to attempt it.
(Please don't let the secret of the Torch get around ... it's a long-held secret)

The  Olympic Rings ... symbolic of all the nations of the world.
(I think ... I really have no idea here)

Again ... this is a long and drawn out  intricate process.
Grab any size  Paper Plates ... cut out the middle ... color them any way ya want.
I spray painted these .... Blue ... Black ... Red ... Yellow ... and Green.

Uniforms ... every athlete has to have special  Olympic Uniforms.
This  USA Diving Team Uniform  was another glorious creation by Ralph Lauren.
(No ... gotta be honest ... that was a big fat lie ... it was Vera Wang)

Here's the  DIY.  This is a long held ... but rarely mentioned outside the trade ...  secret.
Take last seasons leftovers ... do a little magic with your scissors ... and you
have this season's .... "piece de resistance".

The  Speedos ... were also a remake from last season's fashion.
Last season ... these swim trunks were .... Shower Caps.
But this Olympic Year ... with  2 holes cut  for some hairy legs ...
and  1 hole added  for a shaggy tail ... add some Blue Spray Paint ... and voila ...
a stunning  Olympic Racing Speedo.

All Olympic athletes must have their  Team Warm Up.

Now ... even though the USA used a high-priced designer ... that doesn't mean they
weren't  budget conscious.  
To save some money ... Team USA just had each athlete
 turn one of their very own red shirts inside-out ... 
then  new letters  were applied.
By the way ... letters courtesy of  the  Silhouette Cameo.
(Now really ... don't let that secret get out.  We don't want people to say America is cheap.)

What does Blake's shirt say on the other side?
"Stud Muffin"

Well that about wraps up this Olympic DIY.
Here in the good old USA we tried to go GREEN  this year ... 
redesigning old fashion into this years' success story.

And what a success story it was.  I'm so proud of my little fur ball ... Blake.
Here he is again in his  Gold Medal Ceremony.

Oh ... and speaking of the  Gold Medal ...
(ssshhhh .... don't tell a soul) 
It's not really gold.    I know ... you're shocked right?
Even Blake doesn't know that he's wearing one of  my old necklaces.

But hey ... he's certainly workin' it.

America is proud of you Sweetheart!


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JJ said...

I love Blake at the medal ceremony. What awesome DIY's.

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