Puppy Love Photo Party & Cats # 5

Sunday, August 26

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Welcome Fur Balls .....
Hope you guys have had a great summer.

Well ... I'm still under the weather ... and in this ridiculous collar.
So ...  instead of posing for a new pic ..
I had mom put together a small ....

"Montage of Me."
(How do ya like that title?)

Shower Time
(Seriously Mom?)
 Santa Barbara Beach Vacation
Aaaah....I could get used to this.
Well this isn't news ... you guys are on Facebook ...

 New Fashion Statement
(Mom's latest concoction)

 Ready for Twilight
Team Jacob all the way!

Ready to Party

Okay my furry friends ... let's get ready to

Here's what cha need to know....

                        1.     Create a post on your blog with one ... or more photos of your pet.

                        2.     Grab a PUPPY PARTY BUTTON for your site... just add your own link back here.

                        3.     Submit the URL for your PET POST in the Linky Tool below.

                 *** please don't enter just your website URL...
       we need the actual pet post URL***

                        4.     Please ... if you would ... follow your host ... oh yeah ... that's me!

                        5.     Finally ...  visit the other submitters and leave them a sweet comment.
                     6.    Oh yes ... make sure you put your pet's name in the post.  

Don't forget .... the giveaway!

One random party goer will have their choice of ...

Good luck all and .... Spread the Word!

The party will be rocking until  Friday at 5:00 P.M.
This weekend we will ... as usual ... feature your fur faces :)

Ok ... time to link up!

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1 comment:

Ashley from Life Begins @ 23 said...

I'm so jealous your boy will let you dress him up... my dogs would never go for that!

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