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Friday, August 3

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It's Saturday my little fur babies.
After a week of partying ... I'm sure you'll probably need to sleep in this weekend.
Thanks to all of you for linking up.

Changing things up just a little this month.
I think I'll have our
Pet Parade ... today ... Saturday.

Then ... on  Sunday ... I'll let our newest  Gold Medal Puppy
announce our  Giveaway Winner.
(I know ... how devilish of me)
Leading off the parade today ... the brood from
She just decided to adopt her foster fur baby.  I knew she would.
Beckett ... as you can see prefers to rest while the young ones play.

Speaking of resting ... Linus ... as you faithful  PLPP&C  partiers know ...
is so adorable but quite the energetic fella.  Evidently both Linus and
Dad are taking a much needed snooze. 
is left to take care of business while her men relax.

Julie @  a Beautiful Day  gave Jessi here free rein to be her guest blogger.
I am impressed Jessi ... you have a real future.  We're all glad to hear that
you and Jack are making progress.  Today sharing the litter box ... tomorrow ...
perhaps ... sharing a bowl.  

Dexter Morgan got the royal treatment for his 3rd birthday.
Dex's pals to a homemade doggy cake and all the puppy trimmings.
Happy Birthday Dexter!

Jackson here is a bit peeved.  His mom ... 
Danette @ All My Love For Days has let some interlopers
(okay ... just go look that up)
infringe upon his dogdom.  The nerve.  You stand up for your rights Jackson.

Pearl loves the  bathroom sink and drinking straight from the faucet.
Now I don't know how he turns it on ... I'm thinking he's getting a little help from his mom ...

Last but ... certainly not least ... Sherman.  Tiff @ The Coffeehouse decided
to jump on the swing during Sherman's walk.  You see Dumbo ... er ... Sherman
was quick to voice his objections.  We understand Sherman ... Blake goes
absolutely bonkers when we jump in the pool.

Oh ... and  Mazi  here is my cousin's daughter's fur baby.  I always
encourage my "Non Bloggin' Friends" to email me their entries.
Thanks Mazi.  

That's the tail end of this month's  Pet Parade.  

Tomorrow ... the winner of the  Pet Feeding Mat.
Until then ... go back HERE and see how Blake did in his Olympic Diving debut ....
and HERE if your moms want some ideas for the next Olympics.

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Deborah said...

Great post! fur babies are just the best, have a happy weekend :)

Bee happy x

Cole said...

Mazi is adorable! Her mom needs a blog! :-)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I know I'm late on this, but I've been meaning to comment on this post ... I LOVE seeing all these animals all together! such a cute post and such wonderful animals. love them all!

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