Move Over Michelangelo...

Monday, August 20

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Upfront Disclaimer:  I may be just a little bit OCD.

I wonder if  Michelangelo  had trouble sleeping ... thinking about his next new art project?

I blame Pinterest!

No matter how much I've got going ... keeping up with Etsy orders ...  planning the next
Puppy & Cat Photo Party (which is next Monday BTW) ... 
working on a new post ... I just gotta try new things.
Seriously ... contemplating new projects or re-tweaking old ones ... 
keeps me up until the wee hours.  My brain will just not quit.

Here's my latest experiment.
Take One

 I love the "kitschiness" of black art on white pottery.

Here's the happy couple ... and my unknowing accomplices.
This is my son Bryn ... and his girlfriend Erynne.

Okay ... okay ... Michelangelo I am not!

This was my first attempt in this medium ...  
using a  black paint marker  that was recommended to me at Michaels.

I basically just  freehanded  it ... first on paper ... then on the cup.
Since it was Erynne's birthday the next day ... I thought I'd let her be the first 
guinea pig ... er ... beneficiary of my "talent".

I was fairly satisfied with the outcome.  Not bad for my first try.
(Come on ... I'm practicing my drawing skills here.)
When I took it out of the box to show my daughter she said ...
"Well it looks nice ... but you know it's smeared."

So much for Michael's advice ... the pen was not permanent ink ... obviously 
not the right type of marker.

Take Two
Well ... I just washed that puppy off ... and tried it again.  Time was even shorter ...
 so I tried an easier picture.

Yes ... no hair and sunglasses ... should be a snap!

This time ... I just used a good old  Sharpie Permanent Marker.
Let's be practical here ... her birthday party was in 8 hours ... 
and it still had to bake.
Well I went a bit more minimalist in the drawing ... more caricature-like.

I baked the cup in the oven for 30 minutes according to Google ... and ...
no smearing!  Yay!

Time to wrap that puppy up and send it off.

She liked it ... or she was just very polite ... I'm not completely sure.


The next week I got a call from my son ...
"Hey mom ... we washed the cup in the dishwasher ... and the paint kind of came off."

Okay ... okay ... I'm no Michelangelo.
(But I bet he had some failures too)

So ... for all you guys out there that never seem to show your failures ...
here's mine.  But ... I learn from my failures.
(The photography was good though ... right?)

My next purchase ... a  Porcelain Paint Pen.
(Not from Michaels... I'm mad at them)

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Monica said...

Love the mugs!! You are talented in more ways than one girlfriend! Miss you Bexky!

Jessica Jane said...

You did such a great job! They are really fun and would make good gifts.

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