Monday Music...Party Train...don't miss it!

Monday, August 20

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"Party Train" ... The Gap Band

Thought it was about time for some  Monday Music.
Of course ... as you may or may not know ... I love Oldies!
Sometimes ... however ... it's hard to find decent videos for my old "favs".
(Ok, I'm not that old ... we did have video back then ... just not very good quality)

Anyway ... I do love the  Gap Band ... and this Laurel & Hardy routine was hilarious.
It also works  as a perfect segue to remind you of another party coming up.

Next Monday ... August 27
the next (and hopefully not the last) installment of ...
Puppy Love Photo Party & Cats

How'd ya like that ?  You know ... Gap Band ... don't miss the  Party Train ...
yada ... yada ... yada.
I thought that was pretty darn clever.  Come on ... throw me a bone.
(Oops...really didn't mean for that cheesy dog reference to slip in)

I can't believe August is almost over ... but I know you pet lovers have posted
pictures of your fur babies at least once this past month.
If not ... then get some pictures up this week.

Hopefully this won't be the last party ... I just love seeing new pet posts.
Just think ... you won't even have to apologize to your readers for posting cute pet pix.
After all ... it's a Party!

Of course ... there will be another giveaway.
Would I let you down?

Spread the word this week on your blog ... invite a furry friend!
Grab a  party button  from the side bar ...  and show the world you're a


If you miss that train .... you'll miss the party train .....

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1 comment:

Cassandra said...

Very clever! haha. I must have put pictures of my cats up like 5 times this month haha.

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