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Sunday, August 12

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I'm back! 
 I've been gone for a week.   What?  You didn't even notice I was gone?
Well ... I'm just going to assume y'all have been on vacation ...

After visiting my kids last week ... in Newport Beach ... I returned home to find ...
I forgot my laptop  back at the beach.    Oh no ... withdrawals!!!!
No posting ... no Facebook ... no help from Silhouette ... yikes!

I also got home to find I suddenly had  12 new orders  in my  Etsy Shop.
Now I've had slow but steady sales since my shop opened last December ... 
but I've never had  that  many orders at one time.

Guess what they were all wanting ?

...  my new  Pet Feeding Mat ...  I just listed in my shop ... and ... coincidentally ...
gave away last week at our  PLPP&C  party.

I finally decided to ask one of my clients how she found me.
She said ...  I had been featured in "Etsy Finds".  
To be honest ... I had to look this up.  I had no idea what this was.
After a few e-mails I got the link .....   check out the  red arrow.

Wow!  I was blown away to say the least.
I always wondered how people got on the  Front Page of  Etsy ... but this
Etsy Finds ... evidently goes out to thousands of people.

Of course I was thrilled to have my mats be so popular ... but I learned a few 
important things in the process!

It's important to figure accurate postage!
In the past when listing an item ... I tried to guesstimate what shipping would be.
When I sold one of those items ... if I was a bit off ... I would edit my listing for the next time.
What happens if you sell 10 items in one hour and you've
 underestimated shipping by $3.00 an item?

Invest in a Postal Scale!
The next day ... I bought a scale.  Now I have a pretty good idea what to charge
for shipping ... ahead of time ... before I list my items!

Look into adding International Shipping!
During this past week of furious orders ... I  had 4 inquiries 
from  Australia.   I went ahead and weighed my sample package ...
and marched down to the Post Office to check out the  cheapest shipping cost.
Knowing the correct weight ... I could have calculated the shipping at the USPS website.  
Being that this would be my first International Sale ... and realizing
I'd really screwed up the shipping cost on my previous 10 orders ... I decided to be sure.
I now feel I can pretty closely compute both my Domestic and my International costs.

While we're on this subject ... International shipping can be expensive ... and I didn't
figure anyone would be willing to pay  $17.00  on a   $22.00 purchase.
But ... you never know.  Those sweet Australian gals wanted my mats enough to
pay the shipping.  Who'da thunk it?

Promoting an item on Etsy can be a 
tremendous asset!
Now ... I haven't actually used the "paid" Etsy  promotion option ...
but seeing how two or three days of advertising paid off ...
I think for sure I'm going to invest in a little bit of advertising on  Etsy.

Selling on Etsy is a learning process ...  
but make sure you learn!
I've been selling on  Etsy  for 8 months.  I'm still learning what 
I want to sell and what actually sells.
You have to learn how to create your listings ... how to charge for your items ...
and tons of other stuff.  I've made some mistakes ... but I have always made sure that
I at least try to learn from those mistakes .

Etsy is a humongously large network.
It takes a real desire to just create and enjoy what you create to have success.
I'm just beginning to get noticed ... and I am beginning to make a bit of extra cash.
But ... I am definitely still a work in progress.

One final thing I learned ...

Ask questions ... take advantage 
of those in the know!
Etsy offers tons of Videos ... On-line Labs ...
 and  Community Forums  where
you can have your questions answered.
Don't forget ... however ...  you have a great resource in  fellow Bloggers.
I have been surprised how often even those "big" bloggers will take the time to
answer questions for me.

Oh ... and ...

Don't forget to have fun ...
             and do your own thing.

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Jules said...


Congratulations on all those orders...how exciting! I know my fur babies are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their personalized mat....we can't wait! Here's to much more Etsy success!

Gina Rodriguez said...

Amazing! I'm So happy for you! Congrats!!!
Your items are beautiful, your such an artist.. I'm Jealous!

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