Denim & Maxis ... a Mini DIY.

Thursday, August 16

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I can't seem to get over my love of  Maxis.
The fact that they're a fashion must-have right now is a huge bonus too.
Of course ... to be honest ... even if they weren't so "hot" right now ...
I'd probably love them anyway.

You see ... Maxis  appeal to my ... 
"disguise the negative ... accent the positive"
fashion sense.  In other words ... they cover up stuff I don't like.
(Please don't make me draw you a picture)

Since I can't always find ... or afford what I want in a  Maxi ... I've taken to DIY.
My first attempt ... don't ask me why cuz it was a big undertaking ... was
the  Pleated Maxi.

For the  DIY ... check  HERE.

But my other go-to fashion staple ... Denim.
So what better than to be able to wear jeans ... 
even when you want to spruce it up a bit?

My first  Denim/Maxi ... was a combination of my son's old jeans ...
and some chiffon I had lying around the house.

I've worn this everywhere ... and I just love it.
I dress it up ... for an outdoor wedding ... or dress it down a bit more ...
for dinner or a movie.
(Of course I'd live in jeans if I could ... and I almost do)

Having almost worn my first skirt out ... I decided to make another.
This go-around I tried a little different fabric for the bottom half.
I used a navy and white polka dot "swishy" material.
(You can tell from my "fabric knowledge" that I'm not the seamstress)

In any event ... I always like the bottom to be a little different ... "girly"
to contrast the "tomboy" jeans on the top.  
Kind of "eclectic".

Believe me ... this is pretty darn simple:

 "Mini"  DIY
1.    Cut some jeans off just below the zipper.
2.    Take a large rectangular piece of fabric ... sew the ends together.
3.    Gather it just a bit on the top ... then sew it onto the denim.

I don't even hem things most of the time.
I try to make it look "chic" and "thrown together".

The truth is ... I'm super lazy when it comes to sewing ... and use
whatever shortcuts I can find.

... but don't let that get around.

Anyway ... if   I  can do it ... anybody can.
You can bet though ... if I still looked good in a  Mini ...
I'd probably be making this thing a lot shorter ...

but ... that was yesterday.

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I can't even sew on a stinking button (and that is not a joke) ... and you go and do this.

geeeeez. so talented.

Cassandra said...

I LOVE maxis! Whenever I wear them I feel like I'm in a ball gown :) You have a way with sewing! I love the polka dot one!

Dixie n Dottie said...

O my goodness! You are so creative! My favorite is the polka dot one! :)
Happy weekend!

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