Bakersfields' Golden Boy... Jake Varner

Tuesday, August 14

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Bakersfield, California .... the brunt of many bad jokes.
Yes it is 107 here today ... and we don't have the opera ... or any professional sports teams ...
but today ....
Bakersfield is on the map!
(In a good way:)
 Today ... we can celebrate an ...
Olympic Gold Medal!

Jake Varner...
 Gold Medalist in Mens Freestyle Wrestling
Forgive all the color here ... but when you're talking USA ... ya gotta have color.

I'm proud to say Jake and his whole family are friends of ours.
He graduated from  Bakersfield High School with my kids ...
and we've followed his career through high school and college.

Jake Varner learned to wrestle in Bakersfield from his dad Steve, and his cousin Andy.
Both have been Wrestling Coaches at  Bakersfield High School ... which is one of the 
Premiere High School Wrestling Programs in the State and in the Country.
Andy was Jake's high school coach where Jake won
2 State Championships.

Jake and Andy Varner

Jake went on to  Iowa State  under Coach Sanderson ... where he won
2 NCAA Division I National Championships.

He has worked with Coach Sanderson for the last few years ... with two goals in mind:
One make the USA Olympic Team.

Well ... as we saw here during the Opening Ceremonies ... he 
definitely met that goal in  Laker style.

And Two ... win  Olympic Gold. 

Mission accomplished Jake!

We're all so proud of you!
You too Mom & Dad.

Although you guys out there will not understand this ... because
you did not attend  Bakersfield High ...
(or teach there like the hubs and me)

"Once a Driller ... always a Driller!"

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Sophia Busacca said...

This is very exciting for our town!!!

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