Back to School ... Like it was Yesterday

Tuesday, August 28

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"Back to School "... 
always takes me back to when my kids were
just starting out.

I'll never forget this day.
Shea was about 7 ... Bryn about 4.   Heritage Christian Academy.

This was Bryn's very first day of Pre-School.
His big brother was so proud.
They looked so sweet as I prepared to drive off to work.

I was sad as I took this picture ... but I wasn't prepared for this.

I will never forget Bryn's face.  

Even as I post this picture today ... tears come to my eyes.  
I still remember the betrayal and abandonment I felt as a mom that day.
How could I leave him?

I also remember the pride I felt as I heard they called his big brother Shea
to come over ... from his 2nd grade classroom ... to stay with his brother for awhile.
Shea stayed with Bryn until the tears subsided.

Needless to say ... the first day drama quickly disappeared ... and they had
many ... many happy days at Heritage together.

Then what seemed like  overnight ... something happened.

They grew up!

Pre-School  ... turned into Elementary School ... then  Jr. High School.
High School  went by in a blur and then 4 years of College.

Now they live within 5 minutes of each other in  Newport Beach.
Their sister lives nearby as well.

They still look out for one another ... 
                     and still are one another's best friend.

I've seen so many of your sweet pictures and back-to-school preparations.
While you are so unbelievably busy with all the things that school days entail ...
remember ...

Enjoy the Moment!

Trust me ... 
it is over in a heartbeat!

I miss these days more than you can imagine ... but they are a wonderful memory.

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Ashley from Life Begins @ 23 said...

Am I allowed to comment on how good looking your boys are? LOL.

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