...and the winner is

Sunday, August 5

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Ladies and Gentlemen ... we have a winner!

The Puppy Love Photo Party & Cats
for  July  has come to an end.

Our giveaway winner will receive
a  Personalized Feeding Mat.
This lucky winner will have a dining area of
his or her very own.

Mom and Dad have placemats at a real table ... so now ... so do you!

FIY ... check out the mats  HERE  in mom's  ETSY SHOP.

And the  winner  is ... called up to the medal podium with Blake ...


Congratulations to Jessi and her mom ...

Now Jessi you can choose to share this mat with Jack if you wish ... but it's up to you.  
Hopefully this will be the start of a beautiful friendship.

I'll be emailing you guys soon.

Well that's a wrap for another month.
The party was kind of small this month ... so I will
give it a try one more month and see how it goes.

I really enjoy seeing all you fur balls ... so let me know if we
should still keep partying on the ...
Last Monday of each Month.

I hope so ... but I'll let all you fur babies decide.
If you guys wanna keep going and growing ... talk to me.

Thanks for partying down with us ....

The next party date is ....

Monday ...  August 27th ...
see ya then.

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1 comment:

Jules said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I can't believe that I won! In the spirit of hoping Jack and I can eventually become friends....I am going to share. I just hope that I don't live to regret it! Thank you so much, Mrs. Becky...love you bunches!

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